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Gordon Arms Mountain Time Trial 2010


Alan Thomson (Glasgow Couriers) was run pretty close by his teammate Barry McGurk for the win in the Gordon Arms Mountain Time Trial, a hilly time trial run by the Gala CC near Melrose in the Scottish borders. With Euan Pope backing them up in fourth place, the team prize was never going anywhere else.

A wet and windy day gave way to pleasant (but still chilly) sunshine as the morning progressed, although a 20 mile course with six tough miles of climbing – the first 3.8 of them immediately after the start – and strewn with gravel, cattle grids and potholes remained a challenge for a lot of riders. Nevertheless, many riders bared their legs and put on their best wheels for this early season lung-opener.

Gordon Arms Mountain Time
Alan Thomson – Glasgow Couriers.

Thanks to Bob Soutter for the image.

Gordon Arms MTT 2010 – Result

1 Alan Thomson – Glasgow Couriers Snr 0:53:33
2 Barry McGurk – Glasgow Couriers Snr 0:53:48
3 Simon Dale – Nottingham Clarion Vet 0:54:56
4 Euan Pope – Glasgow Couriers Snr 0:55:08
5 Nik Gowrie – Peebles CC Snr 0:56:13
6 Neil Taylor – Edinburgh RC Snr 0:56:48
7 Randle Shenton – Team Swift Vet 0:56:53
8 Christopher Pritchard – Dumfries CC Vet 0:56:57
9 Martin Willliamson – Peebles CC Vet 0:56:58
10 Derek Timmins – Musselburgh Roads CC Snr 0:57:13
11 David Walker – Kelso Wheelers Vet 0:57:32
12 Simon Clark – GS Metro Vet 0:57:35
13 Greg Walker – Edinburgh RC Snr 0:57:47
14 Andrew Wilson – Falkirk BC Vet 0:58:11
15 Paul McInally – Rock & Road Snr 0:58:23
16 Kenny Darling – Kelso Wheelers Vet 0:58:53
17 Alistair Meikle – Gala CC Snr 0:58:54
18 Ian Pearson – Gala CC Vet 0:58:56
19 Lindsay Gordan – Musselburgh Roads CC Snr 0:59:03
20 John Sturgeon – Classic Walls RT Vet 0:59:09
21 Ian Davidson – Tyneside Vagabonds Snr 0:59:12
22 Jeremy Smith – Kelso Wheelers Vet 0:59:15
23 Chris Godfree – Edinburgh RC Snr 0:59:19
24 Chris Adamson – Musselburgh Roads CC Vet 0:59:34
25 Cameron Balfour – Peebles CC Youth 0:59:43
26 Will Davenhill – Pedal Power RT Vet 0:59:47
27 Tim Caine – Berwick Wheelers Vet 0:59:54
28 Ross Laidlaw – Kelso Wheelers Snr 1:00:00
29 Mike Ferguson – Johnstone Wheelers Vet 1:00:08
30 Douglas Kirkham – Musselburgh Roads CC Vet 1:00:39
31 John Anderson – Glasgow Couriers Vet 1:00:41
32 James Moore – Peebles CC Vet 1:00:51
33 Keith Morrison – Edinburgh RC Snr 1:00:52
34 Lewis Kirkwood – Junior 1:00:58
35 Graeme Lawrie – Gala CC Vet 1:00:58
36 Andrew Strong – Bishop Auckland CC Snr 1:00:59
37 Colin Russell – Edinburgh RC Vet 1:01:27
38 David Pritchard – Kennoway Road Club Vet 1:02:48
39 Andy Laing – Musselburgh Roads CC Vet 1:03:20
40 Angus Gillies – Peebles CC Youth 1:04:23
41 Paul Anderson – Musselburgh Roads CC Vet 1:04:52
42 Bill Lowes – Gala CC Vet 1:05:12
43 Paul Abby – Gala CC Snr 1:05:19
44 Patrick Galbraith – Velo Ecosse Junior 1:05:20
45 Stuart Balfour – Peebles CC Youth 1:06:16
46 Bill Hamliton – Gala CC Vet 1:06:18
47 Andrew Beeke – Berwick Wheelers Snr 1:09:27
48 Nikki Willis – Bishop Auckland CC Lady 1:11:54
49 Graeme Bell – Gala CC Snr 1:12:14 Puncture
50 John Smelt – Vet 1:16:29
51 Alistair Lawson – Musselburgh Roads CC Vet 1:26:34

DNF Richard Connell – Kelso Wheelers Snr
DNF Steven Rowcliffe – Musselburgh Roads CC

DNS Ewan Gowrie – Peebles CC Vet
DNS Michelle Cleland – Lady
DNS Gary Robson – Dooley’s RT Vet
DNS Roman Rardziu – Vet
DNS Roman Rardziu – Jnr

Martin Williamson
Martin is our Editor, Web site Designer and Manager, and concentrates on photography. He's been involved in cycling for over 42 years and has raced for many of them, having a varied career which includes time trials, road and track racing, and triathlons. Martin has been the Scottish 25 Mile TT and 100 Mile TT Champion, the British Points Race League Champion on the track, and was a prolific winner of time trials in his day, particularly hilly ones like the Tour de Trossachs and the Meldons MTT.

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