Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Callum Macgregor – organiser of the Duncan Macgregor Memorial


Last weekend saw the Duncan Macgregor Memorial road race take place in Fife. The race almost didn’t happen, so we thought we’d ask organiser, Callum Macgregor what the story was.

We believe you had last gasp organisational hassles, Callum?

“Yes, there were real problems on the Friday afternoon before the race.

“I realised I had forgotten to put the request for Police permission in on time and when I spoke to the officer who deals with this they were adamant that the races could not go ahead.

“My heart sank and I imagined trying to inform all riders and officials whilst packing a bag so that I could leave the country.

“I tried to contact the Chief Constable Norma Graham and spoke her PA and after a worrying three hour wait Inspector Sinclair called me back to say it was all sorted; which was a huge relief.

“Given that I had made the mistake the Police were really fantastic in sorting out the three cars, motorcyclist and officers at three junctions on the course at such short notice. I owe them a big thank you. The other big problem is getting enough cars, drivers and marshals.

“The commisaires now need a car and a driver with a BC licence which adds to the problems. “