Monday, May 23, 2022
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Trinidad & Tobago – Day Four, Walter Perez goes for Ice Cream!


I took in excess of 200 shots at the race on Wednesday night, that takes a bit of editing; and the minute folks see you with a camera, they want pics too – still, if it means you get Olympic Madison Champion Walter Perez’s email address, then it’s not so bad.

As well as to VeloVeritas, Walter Perez and the race organiser, photos had to go to Franco, Leif Lampater, Sebastian Donadio and Roberto Chiappa – it all takes time, so does the copy and it was early afternoon before I shut the lid on the laptop.

Mid-morning, when the guys were going for a run on the bikes, Roberto Chiappa ambled out on to the balcony with his coffee to bid them ‘bon voyage,’ meanwhile, Andreas Muller shouted up; ‘I’ve just spoken to your coach Roberto, he say’s it’s three hours for you today!

Si, si‘ smiled Roberto as he took another sip of coffee.