Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Giro d’Italia 2010 – Day Five, Tyler Farrar Again


Tyler Farrar again today… the Italians are like any other race, there’s nice folks and not-so-nice folks – but in the main they’re friendly and helpful. Until, that is, you stick them behind the wheel of a car – any car will do, doesn’t have to be an Audi or a Jag, a clapped out Fiat is fine for acting like a juvenile, aggressive, ignorant, petulant twat.

Stop at the lights and if you haven’t pulled a wheely within 2/1000 second of the lights going green, the guy behind will have an epi.

Trying to turn left and there’s traffic holding you back? No prob – use the other side of the road.

Stopping distance? Do me a favour – proper drivers run less than one metre from the car in front, irrespective of speed.

It’s so bad that it leaves you speechless; we were debating if they have a driving test here – maybe they teach you to drive like a moron?

Puglia was what we expected, dry, dusty, a little run down and pan flat on the coastal plain.