Friday, May 20, 2022
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Dan Fleeman Does the Sam


Dan Fleeman makes a trip to Scotland to ride the Sam Robinson Memorial Road Race.

Thursday 23:00

The Giro is just a memory.

Reality, work, bills and the Transit; tomorrow, Dan Fleeman is coming up for the Sam Robinson Memorial Road Race, part of the Scottish Super Six series – best grab some sleep.

Friday 07:00

Where am I?

There’s no wi-fi in the house, need to go to McDonald’s for the free connection but I’ll be strong – no sausage, egg and cheese bagels.

Maybe just one?

Send the pictures to Martin, make the ‘workie’ phone calls, send the emails and bolt to the airport.

Dan is standing by the carousel – perfect timing.

Batter the Micra up to the Trossachs; Dan needs a leg loosener so he’s going to ride the big circuit of the Sam.

We set up training camp at Thornhill; Dan’s riding his training bike – which was last cleaned when it left the factory.