Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Dan Patten’s Blog – Back in the Game!


So, I’m recovering well – so well in fact that I came my closest to date to winning here in Belgium last Sunday, finally ending up in 3rd place, but so close to taking the win.

The race was in Sint Kornelis Horebeke, which is a town close to my base here in Oudenaarde, and is the home town of one of the team’s main sponsors, so it was an important one to do well in.

It was a good field but I was ‘on it’ from the start (really thought it was going to be my day!).

I got away early in a group of 11 or so, which had most of the big teams in there… Beveren 2000 with a couple of guys, Lotto, New Heebra, PWS, etc.

Cocquyt, Bracke, Vanhuffel and a few of the other hitters missed it but this one wasnt coming back.

It all worked well and I took a few primes.