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The Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010


Arthur Doyle, (Dooleys) comfortably retained his Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010 title with 52:54 on a cool but mostly dry Sunday morning around the verdant Howe of Fife, second was the man on the big fixed gear who was the surprise of the 2009 ten mile champs, Peter Ettles (Sandy Wallace Cycles) with 54:07 — surprise this time was Philip Kelman (Deeside) with 54:44 off an early number 45 start.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Arthur Doyle, the new Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Champion. Photo©Ed Hood

VeloVeritas didn’t arrive until number 92 was on the line, so apologies to Mr. Kelman for the lack of photographic evidence.

However, we were up at 06:00 am on Sunday to edit yesterday’s road race pictures; we weren’t slacking…

The start of the F1-1 25 course is a gift, nearly one mile straight down Freuchie Brae, or to use the correct title, ‘Station Brae.’

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010

We didn’t head on to the ‘Windy Mile’ which comes off the descent and used to make such a tough finish for Fife time trials, but instead hung a left in to picturesque Freuchie to collect a start sheet.

Nice job, course details and colour pictures on the cover – but wait a minute, I recognise those pictures — I took them; next time, guys, maybe ask us? We’ll say ‘yes.’

That’s our last organisational moan, this was a well promoted event — to go off course would have been nigh impossible, with good signage and more than enough marshals.

After the windy mile there’s the drag up through Ladybank Woods before the rolling section to Melville Lodges roundabout — but the lodges have long gone.

‘When I were lad,’ the Fife 25 course turned left here to dead turn near Strathmiglo then retrace to Bow of Fife via Melville before turning left to finish at the end of the Windy Mile — it was fast on the right night; John McMillan’s 55 from the late 60’s stood as Scottish Record for many years.

Nowadays the riders head north to Parbroath cross roads where they turn left towards Lindores.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Lindores Loch.

The drag to Lindores village was where we chose to take our first pics; there was a cool westerly breeze and some fine rain — Ian Humphreys (Deeside) was our first caller, looking neat on 87” fixed.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Ian Humphreys, neat on 87 inches.

We missed a shot of ever-green Davie Millar (Glasgow Couriers) and his ‘semi-superman’ position; it’s a good job there are no UCI technical guys here, they’d go into spasm.

Another fixed man next, Norman Skene (Granite City) wasn’t as smooth as Ian; as the weightlifters would say, he was ‘all shoulders!’

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Norman Skene.

Steve Nutley (Fife Cycling 2000) looked the part on an ‘over drive’ gear and reminded us a wee bit of Bert Roesems.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Steve Nutley.

Off 105 and looking like he knew what he was doing was junior star from way back, Jeremy Greengrass (Vortex RT) – but when we left our spot to head further round the course, he was stopped at his dad’s car just around the corner; ‘I imploded and left me breakfast on the road!’ he explained.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Silas Goldsworthy.

Tall Alistair Robinson (Leslie Bike Shop) took the bronze in the 10 champs but despite his impeccable style, there was no cigar, today.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Alistair Robinson will certainly be up for this encounter.

Next stop was beautiful Lindores Loch, where the nutters drive their cars around when it freezes.

Bob Taylor was on his usual ‘biggie’ but looking the part.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Bob Taylor.

Lindores is the high point of the course, the road drops to Collessie cross roads where the riders turn left to arrive back at Melville lodges, where Mark McKay was stationed — didn’t see you at the road race yesterday, Mark.

Straight over towards Cupar but turn left at Bow of Fife; back in the 80’s our buddy, Jimmy Grieve liked this wee road so much that we named it ‘Grieve’s Dreel’ the views over to the Lomond Hills – or the ‘Paps o’ Fife as the mariners call them — is wonderful.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
The Paps o Fife.

Left, back to Melville and all the way round to head back west to Collessie and that left hander that leads into the last three miles of pain.

Collessie is a good spot for race-spotting, with the top seeds dropping down from Lindores and the earlier starters coming in the opposite direction and hanging the left for the finish.

Peter Ettles was moving visibly faster than anyone we’d seen all morning as he kicked that Cervelo out of the bend and headed for Melville like a scalded cat.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Peter Ettles accelerates out of the Collessie turn.

Jim Cusick? punctured.

Gary Robson? DNS.

Ian Black (Sandy Wallace) isn’t a man for that low gear stuff, but with all the twists and turns on this course, it’s not ideal for him, losing time out of every corner and looking slow compared to the sharp Ettles.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Ian Black.

Carlos was his usual big-geared smooth-self and not bad for exit speed on the corner.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
That rare image – a Carlos gear change.

No Jonathan Copp, either — I did consider a ‘not much Copp’ pun, but thought better of it.

Arthur next, hurting but on top of it, accelerating hard in to the drag up to Melville.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Arturo hurts out of Collessie.

Peter hurtled in from the east, telling us later that his entry speed was a wee bit high for those slick Vittoria Pistas, he was full of riding and accelerated hard out of the corner.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Peter Ettles on them slippy track tubs.

It was a long wait for Ian and the air was getting cooler again as he eventually eased round the corner, nearly two minutes shy of Peter’s time.

Carlos was a minute up on Ian but a minute down on Peter.

Arthur was really trying and it showed – but it does hurt when you go at big speeds.

I grabbed a shot of him from the car as he hurtled through Giffordtown towards the right hander which leads into the last mile and Shiels triangle.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Arturo in pain.

At the 200 to go flag he was on his knees, but that’s how you’re meant to finish a test.

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Only 200 to go.
Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010
Freuchie Kirk.

The bells were ringing out from Freuchie Kirk as we caught up with Champion Arthur Doyle;

“I cramped up at Collessie, that’s the first time I’ve had cramp in years, I think I put too much into the drag to Lindores.

“The plan was to take the first part relatively easy — which I did, top gear was spinning nicely with the tail wind – then ride the dragging section to Lindores really hard and still have a bit left for the drags on the run-in.

“I was familiar with the main road sections of the course — I sometimes do a commute from my home in Dunfermline to Saint Andrews on the bike – but not the back roads; I haven’t had time to explore the little lanes, although I did check it out on the map.

“I’ve had the NORO (winter vomiting) virus four times in the last 18 months — it’s one of the hazards of working in a hospital.

“No, I won’t be riding the 50, I’m in Germany at that time but I will be riding the British Masters’ Pursuit.

“Training-wise I’ve started to do 20 minutes at just above my lactic threshold every morning, even if I’m doing a commute ride; it seems to have made a difference and helps keep my weight down.

“And after all, that’s my main motivation for cycling — so I can eat more!”

Peter Ettles was pleased with a ride which is just a stepping stone to his own Masters’ Pursuit ambitions;

“I was on 103, if you go any lower you’ll just spin out – all the guys you’re riding against are travelling at 30 mph, after all.

“I do all the road training but now I’ve shortened my turbo training down towards the pursuit.

“I’ll need to get down to Meadowbank and do some track work, though.

“I have the British champs coming up in two weeks then the Europeans – and the Worlds are in Portugal in October.

“I was third in the World Masters’ in Australia but I’d had a urine infection – we’ll see how it goes this year.”

We left before the presentation — these words don’t type themselves and of course the pictures need edited.

See you at the 50 champs?

* * *

Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2010 – Result


41 Arthur Doyle Dooleys Cycles RT Sen 0.52.54
129 Peter Ettles Sandy Wallace Cycles Vet 0.54.07
45 Philip Kelman Deeside Thistle CC Vet 0.54.44
55 Iain Grant Dooleys Cycles RT Sen 0.54.53
137 Carlos Riise Shetland Wheelers Vet 0.54.57
125 Joe Wilson Sandy Wallace Cycles Sen 0.55.01
100 Steve Nutley Fife Cycling 2000 Vet 0.55.10
110 Alistair Robinson Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows Sen 0.55.11
127 Andy Torrance Dooleys Cycles RT Vet 0.55.12
120 Silas Goldsworthy Sandy Wallace Cycles Sen 0.55.13
50 Steve McINtosh Granite City RT Vet 0.55.26
77 Gavin Shirley Nevis Cycles Racing Team Sen 0.55.37
75 Richard Hunter Perth United CC Vet 0.55.38
118 Matthew Hamilton Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows Junior 0.55.39 (1st Jun)
123 David Gibson Dooleys Cycles RT Vet 0.55.40
85 Barry McGurk Glasgow Couriers Sen 0.55.59
135 Ian Black Sandy Wallace Cycles Vet 0.56.10
106 Matthew Howitt Yorkshire Road Club Sen 0.56.24
82 Thomas Gordon Dooleys Cycles RT Vet 0.56.30
70 Alan Thomson Glasgow Couriers Sen 0.56.42
80 Grant Smith Dunfermline Cycling Club Vet 0.56.45
65 Graeme Cockburn Glasgow Nightingale Vet 0.57.05
76 Raymond Johnston Glasgow Couriers Vet 0.57.05
121 Steve Davidson Perth United CC Vet 0.57.13
87 Ian Humphreys Deeside Thistle CC Vet 0.57.36
40 David Caeser Sen 0.57.47
92 David Millar Glasgow Couriers Vet 0.57.47
57 Robert Brown Granite City RT Sen 0.58.08
117 Paul Black Elgin CC Vet 0.58.30
43 Matthew Ball West Lothian Clarion Vet 0.58.44
115 Sean Gray Dooleys Cycles RT Vet 0.58.44
31 Tom Barratt Deeside Thistle CC Sen 0.58.51
83 Scott Newman Inverclyde Velo Sen 0.58.53
78 Andrew Leith Dooleys Cycles RT Junior 0.58.56 (2nd Jun)
116 Ian King Stirling Bike Club Vet 0.58.59
47 Sean Monaghan Granite City RT Vet 0.59.00
104 David Walker Kelso Wheelers Vet 0.59.01
94 Alan Solway Kennoway Road Club Vet 0.59.10
38 Derek Timmins Musselburgh Road CC Sen 0.59.18
36 Graeme I Hay Stirling Bike Club Vet 0.59.20
98 Brendan McCabe Aberdeen Wheelers Vet 0.59.20
30 Peter Collins Team Icarus Sen 0.59.24
95 Norman Skene Granite City RT Vet 0.59.25
89 Kevin Lackie Elgin CC Vet 0.59.43
69 John McDowall Edinburgh Road Club Sen 0.59.54
96 Paul Friel Unattached Vet 0.59.56
62 Hamish McLean Vet 0.59.57
58 Graham Jones Edinburgh Road Club Vet 1.00.22
54 Steve Beech Sandy Wallace Cycles Vet 1.00.26
93 Keith Anderson Royal Albert CC Sen 1.00.32
74 Colin MacKenzie Edinburgh Road Club Vet 1.00.33
53 Finlay Young Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpelliers Junior 1.00.34 (3rd Jun)
112 Ian Brown Deeside Thistle CC Vet 1.00.39
56 Douglas Kirkham Musselburgh Road CC Vet 1.00.54
103 Scott McDiarmid Sandy Wallace Cycles Vet 1.01.12
109 Alex McAllister Ayr Roads CC/Harry Fairbairn BMW Vet 1.01.38
49 Peter Smith Glasgow Wheelers CC Sen 1.01.54
33 Alasdair McGill Deeside Thistle CC Vet 1.02.02
91 Peter Robertson Forres CC Vet 1.02.23
111 Robert Marshall Fife Cycling 2000 Sen 1.02.30
108 Grahame Hay Perth United CC Vet 1.02.39
107 Bob Taylor Dooleys Cycles RT Vet 1.02.51
97 Scott Patterson Sandy Wallace Cycles Sen 1.02.52
41 Gavin Shuttleworth City of Stirling Wheelers Youth 1.03.02 (1st Youth)
63 Tom Bishop Dunfermline Cycling Club Vet 1.03.12
72 Drew Sharkey Sen 1.03.22
28 Derek McMillan St Christophers CC Vet 1.03.28
73 Ian Wilson Deeside Thistle CC Vet 1.03.58
29 Alexander Aitchison Berwick Wheelers Vet 1.04.18
68 Paul Anderson Musselburgh Road CC Vet 1.04.20
51 Martin Kane Pedal Power RT Vet 1.04.35
59 Iain McLeod Denny Road Club Vet 1.04.58
66 James Davidson GS Metro Sen 1.05.38
119 David Smith Andover Wheelers Sen 1.06.03
64 Errol Bennie Glasgow Wheelers CC Vet 1.06.39
88 George Grant Forres CC Vet 1.07.07
44 George Black Glasgow Nightingale Vet 1.07.27
61 Barry Duncan Kennoway Road Club Vet 1.08.57
32 Ruaridh Shuttleworth City of Stirling Wheelers Vet 1.09.48
37 Tommy Cummings Kirkcaldy & District CC Vet 1.11.47
39 Dougal Dargie Angus Bike Chain Vet 1.11.55
46 Alistair Lawson Musselburgh Road CC Vet 1.13.08
27 David Mitchell Perth United CC Vet 1.14.05
26 Liam Monaghan Ythan CC Youth 1.25.14 (2nd Youth)


18 Christine McLean Shetland Wheelers LV 1.00.28
14 Victoria Hunter Sandy Wallace Cycles LV 1.01.09
16 Fiona Duncan Ythan CC L 1.01.52
7 Anda-Jay Burgess Sandy Wallace Cycles L 1.02.17
6 Sheeley Farrar Deeside Thistle CC LV 1.03.52
4 Jennifer Eilertsen Unattached L 1.04.33
8 Sandra Tulloch Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows L 1.07.50
10 Jennie Nicholson Deeside Thistle CC LV 1.08.54
3 Diana Holt Edinburgh Road Club L 1.09.30
1 Chantel Clark Deeside Thistle CC L 1.11.05
2 Isobel Fletcher Glasgow Wheelers CC LV 1.11.38
5 Anna Harris Angus Bike Chain L 1.12.22


34 Iain Binning Stirling Bike Club Vet
60 Alan Mill Sandy Wallace Cycles Sen
105 Jeremy Greengrass Vortex RT – Conquest Bikewear/Solid Rock Cycles Vet
114 Hector Nicolson Moray Firth CC Vet
131 Jim Cusick Glasgow Couriers Vet


9 Sian Tovey G3R L
11 Jennifer Lang Edinburgh Road Club LV
12 Liz Chellingsworth Deeside Thistle CC L
35 Steve McCaw West Lothian Clarion Vet
52 Iain Duguid Vet
67 RG McLean Angus Bike Chain Vet
71 Billy Bunyan Dunfermline Cycling Club Vet
79 Chris Adamson Musselburgh Road CC Vet
81 Martin Farrell Edinburgh Road Club Sen
84 David Pritchard Kennoway Road Club Vet
86 Grant McIntosh Dundee Wheelers Vet
90 Michael Nicolson Dooleys Cycles RT Sen
99 Andy Dundcan Ythan CC Sen
101 Stuart Easton Stirling Bike Club Vet
102 Gordon Graham Fullarton Wheelers Vet
113 Eric Easson Glasgow Wheelers CC Vet
133 Gary Robson Peebles CC Vet
139 Jonathan Copp Sandy Wallace Cycles Sen


Gold – Sandy Wallace Cycles (Hunter, Burgess) 2.03.26
Silver – Deeside Thistle (Farrar, Nicholson) 2.12.46

Gold – Dooley Cycles RT (Doyle, Grant,Torrance) 2.42.59
Silver – Sandy Wallace Cycles (Ettles, Wilson, Goldsworthy) 2.44.21
Bronze – Glasgow Couriers (McGurk, Thomson, Johnston) 2.49.46

Ed Hood
Ed Hood
Ed's been involved in cycling for over 47 years. In that time he's been a successful time triallist, a team manager, and a sponsor of several teams and clubs. He's also a respected and successful coach and during the winter months can often be found working in the cabins at the Six Days for some of the world's top riders. Ed remains a massive fan of the sport and couples his extensive contacts with an inexhaustable enthusiasm for the minutiae and the history of our sport.

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