Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Book out the window: TdF 2010 Stage 6 (bunchie)


Book out the window. There was a quote one of our boys gave on a day he crashed twice in 200m: “I thought I was pretty good at riding my bike.” Upon watching the final sprints and the way our boys have set up the lead-out train in the past two days, I think I could be forgiven for thinking something similar about what I do for a job.

How many times can I be surprised at how tough and courageous our boys are? This is something I’m happy being wrong about!

We’ve been on the road for a week now, and so the team is into the rhythm of up early to eat, bringing down our suitcases and massage tables with us; coffee; then prepare the cars, bikes, drinks, food (both staff and riders) and bus for the day; coffee; then do any quick treatments necessary for the boys around their morning routines of ablutions and two meals, and get the boys’ luggage down to the truck to be transported to the next hotel. And maybe have another coffee.