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Le Tour de France 2010, First Rest Day Rant


Dear VV readers, we present our TdF2010 Rest Day Rant. It started when Vik phoned;

“Have you seen the Sky website?

“Bradley was limiting his losses, ho, ho, ho!”

Old Vik isn’t Sky’s biggest fan… Me? I respect all pros, especially ones with the pedigree of a Cummings, Thomas or Wiggins; but if it wasn’t for Geraint then there would be little to write home about regarding Sky’s Tour thus far.

Please don’t cite Boasson Hagen’s stage placings in the sprints — there’s only one place that counts in a sprinter’s stage and ‘Eddy’ is no longer ‘up and coming’ or a ‘promising youngster.’

He’s a bona fide superstar, we are informed.

In fact, I saw one mag touting him as the ‘greatest rider since Eddy Merckx’ — quite how this verdict was arrived at I’m at a loss to understand.

Sky hedged their bets in the Tour; but if you’re completely serious about winning the biggest race on earth then there can be none of that.