Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Another Day, Another Epic: TdF Stage 9 (mountains)


Another Day, Another Epic. Yesterday’s stage was a 204km monster through hot weather over a series of significant climbs, totalling about 4.5km (vertical) of climbing all up. The climbs were spread at the start and end of the race, with a relatively flat section through the middle of the day. Enormous by any standards.

The pre-start ritual of sunscreen, strapping tape, DZ Nuts application, etc was added to by a Dave Zabriskie play list from great movies of the 1980s, particularly Top Gun, Karate Kid and Beverly Hills Cop. To hear “You’re the best around” for the first time in decades was golden!

The race itself kicked off, with Quody (team physiologist) and I once again up the road to give out bottles to the boys. The hardest part of that job is finding somewhere to buy ice — the hotels we stay in often have two or three teams in the same place, all wanting 20kg of ice in the morning.

There is a limit to how much we can get at the start of the day, and it also melts in the seven or eight hours between picking it up and using it. Thus if we can find somewhere to pick up more, we jump at the chance.