Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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A Hard “Easy” Day: TdF Stage 10 (breakaway)


A Hard “Easy” Day. Yesterday was always going to be the day that the breakaway succeeded. The profile of the course and the stages on the days either side of it meant that neither the GC nor the sprinter teams would be interested. It wasn’t hard enough to separate the GC lads, but wasn’t easy enough for the sprinters to make it to the finish with the main bunch.

That meant that the first race of the day was to get into the break, and so the first hour of racing was extremely fast as small groups tried to get away and were hauled back by teams who didn’t have someone in the break and so on and so forth.

Unfortunately we had another bad crash in this period with Robbie Hunter hitting the road pretty hard. He has a small radial head fracture (near his elbow, affecting his hand positioning capabilities) but he’ll start the stage today.

We’re hoping he can get through it in survival mode. I hate to sound like a broken record, but these blokes go through so much pain in this race: they’re very tough men.