Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Cycle Hire in Mallorca – hire a bike on the island


If you’re heading to Mallorca on holiday or for a training camp it makes a lot of sense to hire a bike over there rather than take your own machine to the island.

I recently spent a couple of weeks in Pollença in the north east of Mallorca, on a family holiday – and for simplicity I decided to do just that.

Cycle hire in Mallorca typically costs just a little more than the airline baggage charges you’d incur to take your own bike on a return flight, and you don’t need to worry about your bike getting damaged (or worse, delayed or lost) in transit – you simply collect your pre-ordered bike once you’ve arrived (or have it delivered to your hotel), attach your pedals and you’re all set.

I used Pollensa Cycle Hire (PCH) for my bike hire, as they’re based in the town I was staying, and the operation is hosted by the well-respected local bike shop, Meam Si Torn, owned and run by expert mechanic and pretty handy rider himself, Mateu Cerdá .