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Michael Nicholson – Suited to Belgian Racing


Bike broken, nearly poisoned and having to face ‘Kermesse King’ Mario Willems four times in a week — it ain’t easy when you forsake the smooth tarmac of Westferry for the hard granite sets of Flanders — but ‘a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.’ Dooley’s Michael Nicholson is just back from the flatlands; he took time to tell VeloVeritas the story.

Michael Nicholson
Michael rides for Dooley’s Cycles in Scotland.

How long were you out there, Michael?

“From the start of July for six weeks, we stayed at Callum Gough’s place in Oudenaarde.

“I’ve finished my electronic engineering course at university so I have nothing on the go — although I’m going to get a part time job for the winter so as I can train properly for next season.”

What sort of results were you getting?

“I didn’t go out with the best of form because I had a lot of university work to do and the first few weeks I was getting to