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Jimmy Rae – National Tour Winner


‘I cycled from my house in the West End of Glasgow to Larkhall, that would be around 30 miles, rode a 140 mile road race – it went away down over Beattock – won it, then cycled home – so that was around 200 miles for the day.’

Things were different in Jimmy Rae’s day.

VeloVeritas took a run up to Crieff Hydro to interview one of the very few Scots to have won national tours – Mr. James Rae.

Ours neat list of questions went out of the window and we decided it would be best to let Jimmy off the leash, year by year, popping in questions where we could…

1952: was the year of my first club, the Ivy.”

Who were your heroes?

“Charly Gaul, Stan Ockers – wee guys! I like Gino Bartali, more so than Fausto Coppi.

1953: I was with the Glasgow Thistle, the Ivy was more into time trials but that wasn’t my thing.

“That year, I rode the Sloan Trophy at Newcastle, got third in it then rode home.”

Jimmy Rae
Winning Stage One and fourth