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Grenoble Six Day 2010, Night Three – Only Here


Only in Grenoble” is stamped in red on this file – a track standstill competition. If Vik was here at the Grenoble Six Day 2010 he’d rush the track shouting bad things about la Belle France, the French, and their ways.

Grenoble Six Day 2010
A track standstill – the rules don’t allow long ones anymore, except here.

We’ve got 15 minutes on the clock and Daniel Mangeas hasn’t stopped talking for more than a few seconds as the big men twitch their muscles to keep those Looks stationary on the pine.

I know a little French but can’t summon up the interest to listen; the crowd adore it….

I didn’t feel good when I woke up, today.

It’s really awkward when you waken up in the ‘death pod’ at the back of the Transit camper, you have to bend double to crawl out.

I was so tired last night that I woke up with my credentials still around my neck.

I stumbled across to the bakers, bought the baguettes, hobbled back to the camper then let gravity take me down to the cabin.

But a shower and a coffee from Franco’s espresso machine, and all’s well… get a bit of Northern Soul (The Elgins; “Nothing Worse Than Being Alone“) on the laptop, and it’s just perfect.

We have good morale in the cabin; Franco’s dad is Italian, so he has that Latino appetite for life. He rides on his morale – if it’s good then there are few who can beat him in a Six Day.

Grenoble Six Day 2010
Franco makes the headlines.
Grenoble Six Day 2010
What Franco’s reading.

Jens-Erik is much quieter but once you get to know him he’s good fun, his humour is more subtle than Franco’s but it all gels nicely to give a good vibe in the cabin.

Sports psychologists will tell you that the ‘hungry fighter’ is a myth – an athlete will always perform best when all the different factors in their life are calm, organised and as they want them to be.

That’s why a good atmosphere in the cabin is essential.

Grenoble Six Day 2010
Marc and Jens-Erk are leading, and enjoying themselves.

…. and Bauge wins!

With 20 stationary minutes on the clock; not as grim as the time I remember Arnaud Tournant holding the stand here for 37 minutes – that one really brought the house down.

Kris was talking to Bernard Thevenet tonight and the two times Tour winner – who’s a nice guy, very sympatico – was saying that he feels a bit sad when he sees the track centre diners taking more interest in the circus cabaret than they are in the Six Days.

Grenoble Six Day 2010
The Divino singers are going down well with the crowd.

Kris agreed but reminded him that at least there is a Six Days here, not like at Stuttgart, Dortmund, Munich or any of the rest which have fallen by the wayside.

It’s Danny Stam’s first time here and apparently, he’s not knocked out by it – but like Kris says; ‘where else is he going to ride?

Grenoble Six Day 2010
Frenchman Morgan Kneisky.