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Gent Six Day 2010 – Second Night, Local Leaders Keisse-Schep


A thought from the Gent Six Day 2010: It would be easy to go native, work all the Sixes, get a job in a bike shop or with a little team for the summer, forget the “25” champs, the ‘day job.’

The Sixes are seductive, the rolling presentation, the music, the lights, the banter, the ‘insider’ chat, the gleaming bikes, the pretty girls, the total isolation from reality.

But maybe it’s because it’s only three or four times each year that it’s so special.

Gent Six Day 2010
Lunch is nearly ready.
Gent Six Day 2010
Van Bon’s pals make themselves known. Photo©Ed Hood

The place was bursting at the seams on night two; I’m writing this as the rolling presentation for night number three is underway.

Ticket sales were through the roof even when Iljo’s participation was in doubt.

Gent Six Day 2010
Iljo has always embraced the Kuipke.
Gent Six Day 2010

With Iljo here, it’s madness – but the presh is on the man; he’s in the paper every day, he finishes a race and a TV camera get stuck up his nose and when he’s on the line there’s the ‘Iljo song’ – easily learned; “Eel-ee-oo, Eel-ee-oo…” and so on.

Gent Six Day 2010

The days fly past here, much more so than at Grenoble – up at 10:00, shower, shops, sort the washing, tidy the cabins, send my pictures and by that time the guys are arriving.

There are always a loads of errands to run, the salads and meat to prepare, jerseys to launder, dishes to wash – and try and fit the journalism in too.

Gent Six Day 2010
Franco gets ready with Kris. Photo©Ed Hood

The race?

Like Kris says, Van Bon & Stam are keeping a low profile – saving it for Sunday night?

Alex and Michael are defending Gent champions and former World Champions and not prone to ‘low profile.’

They’re notching points steadily and always want to win.

Gent Six Day 2010
Franco realised his character wasn’t suited to being the ‘capo’, and was happy to let his legs do the talking.