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Gent Six Day 2010 – Third Night, Iljo Keeps the Lead but Frays a Little


I just received an email from Rapha; “The New Tweed Softshell and City Riding Collection” – that’s exactly what I need, tweed. Set a new trend at the Kuipke. We’re here for the Gent Six Day 2010.

Maybe not – my shorts have caused enough raised eyebrows.

Gent Six Day 2010
This way to the fun.
Gent Six Day 2010
Preparing the dinner for the paying guests.
Gent Six Day 2010
This morning’s paper, with Keisse and Sercu.

* * *

Night three?

Gent Six Day 2010
They’re off!

Lots of Dernys, lots of beer – Franco sick, Iljo fraying a little at the edges, the Danes calm under fire and bed for us at 03:45.

In the mornings I feel like one of those people in the films who have miraculously survived a plane crash, they stumble dazed and bleeding among the rescue teams.

Or in my case – the beer delivery guys.

Gent Six Day 2010
The bar is all set for another hammering.
Gent Six Day 2010
Happy Birthday to Andreas.
Gent Six Day 2010
Iljo and Kenny face the Belgian TV.