Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Magicshine MJ-816 Review – Front Light Set


Welcome to our Magicshine MJ-816 Review. Here in the UK we’ve been hammered recently by the weather; for the last few weeks Scotland in particular has resembled an Arctic landscape, with blizzards, white-outs, and motorways frozen closed for days – any bike riding that’s been done has been in the garage on the rollers, or spinning down the at the gym.

The last few days however, have seen a significant rise in temperature and the resultant thaw has us getting the overshoes looked out again, and the lights back on the bike, ready for recommencing the daily commute, training, and some off-road night riding too.

Before the Ice-Age took hold, we managed to get our hands on a Chinese made Magicshine MJ-816 Front Light Set [£96.46 from], and I’ve have been using them during my night-time rides to and from work, and in the local forest trails with pals – here’s how it’s gone.

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