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Alexi Grewal; In My Shoes


Alexi Grewal; In My Shoes… imagine you are a young man. You are racing in your first Tour De France. You do not know it will be your only one. You have climbed the ladder from the outside in, from day one.

You have won the Olympic Games, you have survived a season on your own in Belgium, you have survived all things Grewal.

Your entire life has been to win your father’s approval, to be seen in his eyes and hence in your own as a winner.

Nothing you have done to date has ever made that possible. Not even a Gold Medal.

Cycling is your life; it is your vehicle to prove yourself a man. You are now in the first mountain stage of the Tour De France. You have been slaughtered until now.

Now you are in the lead group, with cycling’s icons; Lemond, Hinault, Delgado, Herrera, Rooks, Patrocino.

Alexi Grewal
Different guys handle pressure differently, that’s for sure.

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