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Copenhagen Six Day 2011 – Day Two, the Famous ‘Par nr. 7’ Tricots


Saturday, 13:20 – the afternoon sesh of the Copenhagen Six Day 2011 starts in a few minutes but there’s a distinct lack of riders; this reflects in their (and their runners’) lack of enthusiasm for afternoon sessions – but more of that tomorrow. Our guys are in the famous Par nr. 7 tricots.

Again, it wasn’t the greatest of madison racing last night, but it’s hard for the guys to raise their game if most of the house seats are empty.

Michael reckons that ticket sales for Saturday night are good – let’s hope so.

The fact that it’s the last six of the year plays a part, too – it’s definitely a very subdued vibe.

Par nr 7
Marc Hester lead after the first night, but knows there’s a long way to go.

‘Par nr. 7’ – team number seven

It’s part of Danish six day history that the best Danish team of the era ride the number seven jersey, which always incorporates elements of the Danish flag.

Back in the 50’s there was the partnership of Kay Werner & Evan Klamer; Werner then went on to pair with Palle Lykke.

In the 80’s the red and white colours were carried by Gert Frank and pursuit legend, Hans-Henrik Oersted; they won two European madison championships (there was no world madison championship, back then) together.

In the 90’s the Par nr. 7 jersey was worn by Jens Veggerby and Jimmi Madsen, who took a Danish and two European madison championships.

And now ‘our’ boys have picked up the role.

Par nr. 7
Alex in his famous #7 shirt.

A world title and five successive Danish titles isn’t a bad record – not to mention the six days of Fiorenzuola, Grenoble, Gent, Berlin and – Copenhagen.

On the subject of six stats, the best Dane – with 21 wins, 20 seconds and 32 thirds – is Palle Lykke.

Frank with 20/22/20 is second and Veggerby third on 13/16/12.

Alex rates 8th with 7/4/3 and Michael 9th with 7/3/3.

Michael has a little shop set up for the six where you can buy Par nr. 7 merchandise – hats, T-shirt, pens, key rings, scarves and the like.
I haven’t had a skek yet, but will do, tonight.

Par nr. 7
The fact that Michael has his lovely slim, blonde girl friend (L) selling the stuff isn’t going to do turnover any harm.

Kris, Martyn, Dirk (the mechanic) and me are all resplendent in our black #7 T-shirts.

Par nr. 7
Ed on hold-up duty for Jesper, resplendent in his #7 shirt.

And the others

Talking of kit, I slid into the ‘kit sort oot’ not too badly; I know Franco’s Assos clothing better than my own, and Jens’ gear isn’t far behind.

Alex and Michael both have new kit; Saxo have gone ‘baby blue’ and Alex is now with HTC.

Sorting out their under vests used to do my head in, but now that Michael is using nice new ‘Persil white’ Sportful string numbers, life is much easier.

Alex sticks to his Sportful and De Feet base layers.

Alex’s move to HTC has turned the mitts and socks routine into a doddle.

Par nr. 7
Alex texts, Jesper eats, and Colby listens to Martin.

Michael’s attention to detail knows no bounds; Saxo ride super light Specialized Prevail helmets, the first night he rode wearing a black one but switched back to white because he reckoned it looked better in photographs – that’s pro.