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Copenhagen Six Day 2011 – Day Six, Alex and Michael 3rd win in a row


We’re at the the Copenhagen Six Day 2011, but first, Ricco; you have to respect his 100% commitment to being a moronic little twat.

There was a piece about him on Cyclingnews having a ‘kidney problem,’ when I checked the site in the morning, I thought it was a tad strange – how does a super fit young man have a kidney problem?

But the press release I received from Vacansoleil a bit later revealed the true horror of the situation – I’ve tidied up the original translation a little;

“The team acknowledges the rumours regarding the rider Riccardo Ricco. These rumours say that Ricco has admitted to having carried out a blood transfusion by himself. Ricco has admitted this transfusion to the doctors when he was hospitalised with high fever in Pavullo.

“The team does not have enough knowledge of the relevant facts to make a deliberated judgement on this matter.”

Madness, it just won’t come to an end.