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Dan Patton Blog – Getting Back On It


So I thought it was about time I posted another Dan Patton Blog update, I’ve been rather quiet of late and the reason being quite simply there’s not been much to talk about.

I’ve been plagued by misfortune after misfortune this winter which ironically gave me lots more time to update the blog, yet I was short of anything really interesting to say – until now that is.

Dan Patton Blog
Hopefully the good luck starts here.

The last month has seen me join forces with newly formed British Bike company, Onix Bikes.

I will of course be heading out to Belgium where I am riding again for the Asfra Racing Team from Oudenaarde, however I will have a couple of new weapons at my disposal.

Onix Bikes are kindly be providing me with my bikes in what I know is a very important year for me.

I will in turn be testing these bikes (and what better testing ground than Belgium?!) and providing feedback on these stylish new machines. Be sure to check out these bikes and various other equipment on their site. Hopefully my results will speak for themselves!

Dan Patton Blog
I’m into equipment, my Flanders Pro Team is a great machine, and I’m looking forward to using my new Onix Bikes.

So what has been happening this winter?

After being struck by that car towards the end of last season, the misfortune has continued way into the winter.

Illness and injury has led to a very much interrupted winter of training.

Two weeks in Mallorca did provide me with a nice small block of training at the start of the year, however before and since, it has been far from ideal for me.

Still as a full time athlete, it’s something that you just have to deal with. Experience tells me not to panic and to just let it come… trust me I will soon find my legs.

Dan Patton Blog
Ed took this shot of me last season at Passendale Kermis.
Dan Patton Blog
…and this one as well. In Belgium, you don’t have to explain to people what you’re doing – they understand.

I take heart not only from my own experiences but from one of my idols, Heinrich Haussler. This is a rider who has had his own injury problems and dosnt always get a smooth run at things, but yet still has the class to do what he’s doing!

Gladly I can say I am back into training once again. No doubt about it this will be an important month for me but I know that I can get myself well and truly back on track in that time.

I won’t quite be starting my season as early as originally thought, but instead will opt for getting some good training back in the body.

It’s a long season and its not the end of the world if that racing begins for me a few weeks later than planned – I’m never going to be short of races in Belgium that’s for sure!

Dan Patton Blog
Until next time.

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