Monday, August 15, 2022
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Jeremy Greengrass Remembers ‘THAT’ 25


After the excellent articles on Alf Engers competition record published on VeloVeritas, specifically Part 2, but also Part 1, I thought I should try to recall my memories of that day away back in 1978. By Jeremy Greengrass.

At 14 years old it’s not often that you can say that “I was there” but I was.

It was my first proper racing season and I was building towards doing a decent ride in the unofficial British Schoolboy Championship, George Herbert Stancer 10 mile TT (herein after referred to as the 16km Individual Road Pursuit) in early September.

I’d qualified third fastest for that in the Eastern District Heat having broken my collarbone four weeks previously and eventually finished in eighth place that year. Looking back on it I think I peaked about four weeks too soon, anyway – I digress.

Rather unscientifically, I’d ridden myself into some decent form over the summer and a couple of weeks prior to the Unity CC 25 (40km IRP) a 57 minute ride gave me a reasonable shout of getting into the event, so when the start sheet landed on my doormat I scanned to see where I would start, mainly because that would determine how early I’d need to crawl out of my pit to make the two hour journey to