Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Our ’09 TdF Team Time Trial


Alrighty, so I’m back after a 2 night lay-off with a bit of a ‘lergy — talk about bad timing! Last night sounded like a brilliant finale (although Gilbert winning is hardly a surprise). I can’t wait to see what happens next in this race — the Team Time Trial is on tonight, and consequently there are a bunch of teams who are riding for a chance to hold the yellow jersey. Gilbert holding on by 3s over Cadel, and 6s over at least one bloke from every other team that can put together a decent TT means that the boys will be putting it all on the line in the hope of holding the yellow jersey at the end of the day.

Teams will have bonuses structured in to the majority of the riders’ contracts for just such occasions, so atop the simple battle to win for the win of it, there is quite a financial incentive for not only the man likely to hold the jersey, but also for all of his team mates (depending on the team).

I hear fans complain about the Team Time Trial because it’s not a fair race, and blokes can lose too much time if they haven’t got the right group of riders around them. This view when coming from Aussies was almost invariably formed around Cadel getting his bum handed to him in TTTs in the years that he came second overall in the Tour. The counterargument is that the course for the Tour is known some 8months prior to t