Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Le Tour de France 2011, Stage 10 – a little tourisme


Yesterday we arrived in Rodez as planned to join the Le Tour de France 2011, picked up the hire car without any bother, and got ourselves, eventually, after getting lost a couple of times, to the hotel – one of these typical French ‘pod’ rooms, but it’s okay with it’s bunk beds and little shower room / toilet.

A drive up to the Permanence, aka the Press Headquarters, to pick up our race accreditation, and we’d be all set for a pretty cruisy Rest Day. Only, the Permanence happened to be over two hours drive away, and once there, we found that only Ed’s ‘creds’ were ready – mine hadn’t been “approved by Julia” (the head ASO cred issuer).

Can you come back ‘ere tomorrow morning, and then you will be able to collect your accreditation at the Permanence, which, despite the name, would be moving – to the stage finish each day, so that would mean heading to Carmaux.

Anyway, we decided against traipsing all the way back up to Aurillac to get my creds today, and when we realised that we were only an hour or so away from two of France’s Most Beautiful Villages (officially!), we thought that a little ‘tourisme’ was in order.