Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Le Tour de France ’11, Second Rest Day – or not


We’re in the Drôme Department, and it may be a notional Tour de France Rest Day, but all that really means is that there’s no racing today – despite what Ned Boulting might tell you about spending time in launderettes, almost everyone still has lots to do.

For example, the riders – for whom the rest day is most important, still have to attend press conferences, talk to daft journalists and answer “f****ing stupid questions“(copyright Mark Cavendish), the team mechanics take advantage of the extra time to prep the time trial bikes for next Saturday’s chrono, and so on.

For most members of the press corps, even simply attending a press conference and writing the same story as everyone else is more than enough for one rest day.

But not for us the easy route, of course!