Sunday, June 26, 2022

Schlecks Shaken


Schlecks Shaken – What a stage last night turned out to be!

Prior to the stage, the thoughts were that it was always going to be a breakaway, and there wouldn’t be much movement on the general classification. Half right!

The high likelihood of the break staying away meant that all of the boys not in with a chance on general were hoping to get a piece of the action, meaning it took hours before the break finally got clear.

On a generally uphill grade, the peloton were hovering at close to 50km per hour for over two hours. Ouch!

Schlecks Shaken
Chapeau Hesj.

Ryder Hesjedal was one of the key men looking for the break, and when the big fella is up for it, he’s a very hard man to prevent getting up the road. I am sure there would have been a bittersweet moment for him when he saw that Thor had bridged across too.

Sweet because he had a te