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Grenoble Six Days 2011 – Second Night

The sprinters in the Keirin.

We’re here working at the Grenoble Six Days 2011… it takes a few days to find the rhythm of a Six Day – usually for me it’s the sixth day.

My feet stop hurting and I get a proper sleep.

Last night I slept ok ’til around 06:00 am but after that it was disjointed, the sound of the traffic and the drone of the refrigeration units on the restaurant supply tucks saw to that – not to mention the bizarre dreams.

I stumbled across the car park to bakers at 10:00 am like I was drunk, then we had to walk all the way round the stadium to get in – they don’t open the big access door adjacent to where we’re parked until 12:00.

The band seem to be missing a singer this year, but while there are boys on the track they’ll play on.

First up is to wash last night’s dishes, fold and organise the washing, tidy the cabin and then, deep joy – the shower.

After my shower I wonder what all the fuss was about.

And now it’s 16:45 on Saturday, night two seems such a long time ago.

Our man Franco.
The sprinters in the Keirin.

It’s difficult to get the chunks of uninterrupted time you need to write properly; I have to remind myself that it’s not le Tour and priority number one isn’t filing the story – instead it’s finding Franco’s lost leg warmer, or going to the supermarket or the bakers or making the salads or whatever Kris and the boys need done at the time.

Looking after Luke Robert’s stuff is a different matter – his attention to detail is outstanding and he keeps his kit immaculate.

Race-wise last night, Jesper and Marc went well, but Iljo is cruising, like a well fed shark, comfortable for the moment but planning his next big meal.

Kneisky looks very sharp and whilst the Spaniards aren’t going to make the podium, they’ve cottoned on that ‘points make prizes,’ or rather, Euros – and they’re riding hard and fast in the devils, points and scratch races.

Grenoble regular for the sprints, Gregory Bauge.

Some of the French guys are taking a monstrous hammering, in the 35 minute madison last night, Bastien Ruffinego and Clément Carisey were lost, unable to jump the string as it passed and losing lap after lap.

Both are promising laddies, but against the likes of Keisse, Marvulli and the rest they’re just cannon fodder.

Iljo on the hunt, like a mako shark.

But tonight is another night.

Saturday breakfast – Roquefort, baguettes, honey and coffee; not a bad way to start the day.

A demain.

Jesper at full gas.
Duclos Lasalle is here, pressing the flesh.
Mora & Torres the Spanish guys chillout.
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