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Gent Six Days 2011 – Night Four


Whether it’s a great edition of the Gent Six Days 2011 or not, it’s still quite an experience to walk up through the tunnel for the first time.

Especially if the Dernys are up on the track droning out their monotonous tune, there’s the buzz of a thousand conversations, the lights, the throng, the smell of beer, the renners flashing around the bankings, the people piled high up to the roof in the corners – we love it!

Martin and Gillian gave me a lift to Edinburgh Airport and then, in their hire car from Charleroi up to the track in Gent.

Gent Six Days 2011
We’re ‘t Kuipke – bound. (say “kwep-kih”. Means “small oval”).

We had a struggle with the radio but once we got the hang of it, there was KC and Barry White.In a winter hire car though, all you really need to worry about are the heater and the radio – all else is incidental.