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Gent Six Days 2011 – Night Five


We used to get to park the camper inside the old exhibition hall which adjoins the velodrome – but ‘safety’ means we have to park outside, adjacent to the old hall, for our work at the Gent Six Days 2011.

In the morning it means you have a long walk to the shower, previously you could lurch the 10 metres, zombie-like, to the shower cubicle and be reborn.

But I opted to stumble down to the paper shop to get the ‘Gentenaar‘ – it’s one of my sad rituals to buy l’Equipe and the Gazzetta at the Tour and Giro every day, and I do it in Gent, too.

Some of the sixes aren’t particularly well served by the local press, but in bike mad Flanders the Gentenaar rarely disappoints.

My shower was a life changing experience but I couldn’t understand why I could hear the Dernys up on the boards, early on a Saturday.

Phil and Jurgen was the reason – lapping away behind the buzzing little horrors in preparation for their evening pursuit match.

Gent Six Days 2011