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Zürich Four Day 2011 – Days Three & Four


It’s 11:29 on Sunday, somewhere on an autobahn in Bavaria. The Zürich Four Day 2011 finished at 02:30 but it was around 03:45 before we got away from the track.

We parked up at 05:00 at a motorway services and rose at 10:15; we’re en route Düsseldorf, which will take us the best part of the day.

It’s all part of the game.

Zürich Four Day 2011
If a fella in a mascot suit can look smug, this guy manages it.

I interviewed Germany’s Carsten Wolf yesterday, he was an individual and team pursuit star in the 80’s and a top six day man in the 90’s with four wins off 75 starts.

His highest total of sixes for one winter was 17 between October and February; he did that twice – including races in Colombia and Argentina.

I guess I s