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Rotterdam Six Day 2012 – Day Six, and it’s Peter Schep on top


Peter Schep / Wim Stroetinga win, Franco and Mouris second, Stam/Havik third – a result which everyone is pretty happy with. The Dutch winners are the classic Six Day combo – big, strong, mature, silky smooth Peter Schep and the younger, smaller, more erratic but rapid Stroetinga.

Franco was good – very good, and Mouris is one big, strong, consistent ‘beast of a boy’.

Peter Schep
The Winaars.

I’ve never seen him ride so well, but riders tend to lift themselves when they get a big name partner – Mouris certainly did, he was rock solid in the chases.

Danny Stam and Yoeri Havik were third, maybe a bit of sentimentality in that placing – but it’s Danny’s last ever Dutch Six and there’s a crowd to please.

On the subject of Big Jens, I was having a look at his GreenEDGE road bike this morning, the new Scott with Di2.

Scott had no representation in the ProTour last year; they waited for the launch of the Aussie team to get back into the circus.

Peter Schep
Mouris’s steed had a healthy coating of road grit, along with Niki Terpstra, Pim Ligthart and Alex he’s been knocking in the road kilometres during the day.

Alex was saying to me that if you’re training for the road season then riding a Six like Rotterdam isn’t ideal because there aren’t enough kilometres of racing.

That’s why he’s been doing anything between one and three hours on the road bike, every day.

Copenhagen, on the other hand is good because there are so many kilometres of racing.

Alex is highly motivated just now, the Copenhagen Six day is a big target, he’ll be:  back with Michael Mørkøv – they’ll be hard to beat there.

I checked out the Stöpler crash on YouTube, I didn’t really want to but I did a wee news piece about the incident for VeloNation and I was doing a little homework for it.

Interview with Nick Stöpler’s dad.

There’s no doubt that the injury was caused when his knee hit the metal fence strut at the top of the banking – not his ‘Sphinx’ bars as was first rumoured.

He came to call this evening, all smiles but it’ll be six weeks before he gets a proper indication of how the knee has responded to surgery.

Peter Schep
Nick Stöpler chats with Traksel.

It was more or less a full house tonight; when you stand and watch the rolling presentation with the lights, the lasers, the music, the riders in twos above the blue line and all those fans, you’re reminded of what a marvellous spectacle a Six Day is.

It would amazing to walk in to Rotterdam as your first taste of a Six Day – you couldn’t fail to be bowled over.

Peter Schep
US riders Miller and Berry in UiV.

Fellow Scot Charline Joiner popped by for a chat, Alex was stunned; ‘there are women who speak the same as you, Ed?

She’s changed her focus to endurance from the sprint, lots of road miles mean that she’s more at home in the scratch and points races – events where she struggled a little last year.

Kirsten Wild was outstanding in the ladies’ races, obviously using them for training, making life much harder for herself than she really needed to.

Peter Schep
Thomas Dekker popped by, he was intro-ed to the crowd and made very welcome.

I suppose Dekker has done his time but one would have imagined he’d be a little less high-profile – for a wee while at least.

Peter Schep
‘Thank you’ Danny’.

The American sprinter Andy Lakatosh finally dipped under 11 seconds for the first time in the one lap test – 10.9 is just so much better than 11.00.

Mulder won the sprint tournament overall – but it’s Holland, isn’t it ?

Peter Schep
A delighted Peter Schep takes the overall win, while behind him Danny Stam realises that for him, it’s over.

Danny Stam was also a winner for Holland in the Dernys – his last time ever ride behind the little monsters on his home track.

He wasn’t emotional for his farewell presentation but on the podium at the end of the night you could see that it had finally hit him that the end is nigh.

Peter Schep
An obviously emotional Danny Stam will move into management with his AA Drinks team after the last chase in Copenhagen.

The last chase wasn’t a classic, but it was good entertainment – complete with a spectacular crash when Havik and Ligthart hit the boards.

Peter Schep
Ligthart goes back up after his crash.

There was a full-blooded party going on when I dived down to the press lounge to get the pictures away – but no Amstel or red wine for Ed, not with 400 kilometres to drive to Bremen…

Peter Schep
Joop Zilaard.

Rotterdam Six Day - Results from Day Six


1 4 Rasmussen – Pieters
2 5 Lampater – v Bon
3 3 Ligthart – Bartko
4 1 Stam – Havik
5 2 Terpstra – Keisse
6 8 Kreder W – Boskamp
7 10 Kreder R – Kreder
8 9 Mouris – Marvulli
9 13 Markus – Hester
10 12 Jonkman – Pronk
11 6 Schep – Stroetinga
12 11 Traksel – Vermeulen


1 2 Terpstra – Keisse
2 13 Markus – Hester
3 11 Traksel – Vermeulen
4 3 Ligthart – Bartko
5 8 Kreder W – Boskamp
6 6 Schep – Stroetinga
7 10 Kreder R – Kreder M
8 9 Mouris – Marvulli
9 1 Stam – Havik
10 5 Lampater – v Bon
11 12 Jonkman – Pronk
12 4 Rasmussen – Pieters


1 11 Traksel – Vermeulen
2 4 Rasmussen – Pieters
3 10 Kreder R – Kreder M
4 9 Mouris – Marvulli
5 6 Schep – Stroetinga
6 2 Terpstra – Keisse
7 13 Markus – Hester
8 8 Kreder W – Boskamp
9 12 Jonkman – Pronk
10 3 Ligthart – Bartko
11 5 Lampater – v Bon
12 1 Stam – Havik

Derny's Finale

1 1 Stam – Stam C
2 6 Schep – Zijlaard J
3 3 Ligthart – Vaarten
4 9 Mouris – Zijlaard R
5 2 Terpstra – Kos
6 5 Bon van – Huybrechts
7 4 Pieters – Bakker


1 6 Schep – Stroetinga 22.094
2 5 Lampater – v Bon 22.492
3 3 Ligthart – Bartko 22.703
4 9 Mouris – Marvulli 22.719
5 2 Terpstra – Keisse 22.883
6 1 Stam – Havik 24.922

Finale Koppelkoers

1 6 Schep – Stroetinga 38
2 9 Mouris – Marvulli 36
3 1 Stam – Havik 16
@ 1 Lap
4 2 Terpstra – Keisse 12
5 5 Lampater – v Bon 4
6 3 Ligthart – Bartko 4
@ 2 Laps
7 4 Rasmussen – Pieters
@ 3 Laps
8 10 Kreder R – Kreder M
9 13 Markus – Hester
@ 4 Laps
10 12 Jonkman – Pronk
11 8 Kreder W – Boskamp
12 11 Traksel – Vermeulen

Rotterdam Six Day - Final Overall

1 6 Schep Peter – Stroetinga Wim
2 9 Mouris Jens – Marvulli Franco
3 1 Stam Danny – Havik Yoeri
@ 1 Lap
4 2 Terpstra Niki – Keisse Iljo
5 3 Ligthart Pim – Bartko Robert
@ 2 Laps
6 5 Lampater Leif – Bon van Leon
@ 6 Laps
7 4 Rasmussen Alex – Pieters Roy
@ 11 Laps
8 13 Markus Barry – Hester Marc
@ 14 Laps
9 10 Kreder Raymond – Kreder Michel
@ 19 Laps
10 8 Kreder Wesley – Boskamp Melvin
@ 24 Laps
11 11 Traksel Bobbie – Vermeulen Jeff
@ 29 Laps
12 12 Jonkman GeertJan – Pronk Jos


Peter Schep
Farewell to Danny.
Ed Hood
Ed's been involved in cycling for over 45 years. In that time he's been a successful time triallist, team manager, and sponsor of several teams and clubs. He's also a respected and successful coach, and during the winter months can often be found working in the cabins at the Six Days. Ed remains a massive fan of the sport and couples his extensive contacts with an inexhaustable enthusiasm for the minutiae and the history of our sport.

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