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Bremen Six Day 2012 – Day One


Bremen Six Day, the car park outside the race hall, it’s 02:29 Friday – we’d targeted bed for 03:00 so mustn’t grumble.

First impressions: a nice hall, a proper Six Day venue and despite the fact that an anorak like me thinks that the field is unbalanced, it’s good racing.

Bremen Six Day
Putting the finishing touches on.

The organisation, if you’re at the blunt end like us, isn’t the best.

Bremen Six Day
Our coal-seam cabin.

But the razamataz is good and the media is here in force.

It’s been the full spectrum today, trying to adapt unsuitable environments into comfortable work places with little assistance from anyone and being a little ‘down’ with it all.

Bremen Six Day
The band in full swing.

But at the other end of the scale, there’s the chase in full cry, the lights, the music, the fans, the noise of rock hard rubber on wood and the rattle of that 1/8″ pitch chain – it’s the best.

Best finish this Becks and turn in, gute nacht.

And I just had a text from Dirk, our mechanic, he’s watching darts on BBC 2 – what a man.

* * *

And now it’s 11:24 am, I’m in the cabin, the clothes are all sorted out, the Sutherland Brothers are mellow on the laptop and the stadium is quiet.

Bremen Six Day
Ed’s done the washing.

I’ve been at this stadium before, I helped Kris unload the camper here last year, but then the bubble burst and I bolted to the airport and the plane to Scotland.

It’s known as the ‘party Six’ with the race just part of a whole range of ‘getting down’ that can be done – bars, restaurants, discos, and gigs spread across the whole exhibition complex.

Bremen Six Day
Bremen Six Day
Hot Chocolate.

And on the subject of gigs, Hot Chocolate play on Saturday night and Haddaway plays Monday night – and don’t say; ‘who the hell is Haddaway?’

He’s only the performer of one of the greatest disco anthems ever – ‘What is Love?

I may go AWOL for that one.

The racing?

Good – the first devil went off like a two lap handicap. I heard Iljo say before the start that he’d been a bit worried at some of the riding he’d seen during the warm up and wasn’t going to take any chances.

He wasn’t kidding, you could see guys thinking; ‘isn’t this meant to be a warm up race?

They run the chase early in Bremen – apparently it’s the tradition.

It wasn’t a death race but nor was it a walk in the park.

Bremen Six Day
Peter Schep.
Bremen Six Day
Jesper and Tino.

Some of the riding was a tad dodgy with hollers of; ‘Wooaaahhhh !’ able to be heard even over the pumping PA as riders switched at crazy angles to avoid contact.

No-one bit the dust though – our US guys were a bit stunned after it but whilst they didn’t light up the boards, they didn’t embarrass themselves either.

Bremen Six Day
Jackie and Tino.

Jackie’s dad was a good rider, ‘back in the day’ – he won kilometre silver in the Worlds in Montevideo in 1968 and rode Six Days.

He was texting me all last night checking on ‘Junior’ – once the Sixes get inside you, you’re hooked, it even runs down through the blood.

Franco charges.

We were lucky with how the two late Derny races fell, our guys all have black numbers but the races were for red numbers.

Events were delayed a little when the band’s singer couldn’t be found. Eventually, with him tracked down and wrung out a little, things were back on track.

Bremen Six Day
The lead singer, found.

It would have been no bad thing if it hadn’t; they’re brutal.

Bremen Six Day
Jesper and Andreas.

The 20 lap sprint was our last gig – then came the mad charge for the cabin, washing, drying, tidying.

Bremen Six Day
Jackie and Brad.

And finally – our Becks.

And it was worse than we thought with Dirk – he was actually watching ladies’ darts !

Bremen Six Day
Kris and Lucy take five.

Bremen Six Day - Results from Day One


1 6 L. Lampater / I. Keisse Savings bank
2 1 F. Marvulli / M. Kalz öVB
3 12 A. Kankovsky / R. Bengsch Bremerhaven Polar Bears
4 3 M. Kadlec / M. Barth Germania
5 2 J. Simes / T. Reinhardt LOTTO
6 8 B. Huff / R. Matzka radio bremen


1 9 Scheper, Peter / Bartko, Robert swb 12
2 6 Lampater, Leif / Keisse, Iljo Savings bank 12
3 1 Marvulli, Franco / Kalz, Marcel OVB 10
4 12 Kankovsky, Alois / Bengsch, Robert Bremerhaven Polar Bears 8
@ 1 Lap
5 3 Kadlec, Milan / Barth, Marcel Germany 6
6 4 Stam, Danny / Mohs, Eric Schmidt + Koch 4
7 10 Mørkøv, Jesper / Thömel, Tino Weser Kurier 0
@ 3 Laps
8 2 Simes, Jack / Reinhardt, Theo LOTTO 0
9 7 Grasmann, Christian / Ratajczyk, Rafal Becker + brügesch 0
10 11 Hester, Marc / Müller, Andreas Big Cash / Moneymaker 0
@ 4 Laps
11 5 Edmüller, Benjamin / Pieters, Roy Klaus Lorenz 0
@ 5 Laps
12 8 Huff, Brad / Matzka, Ralf Radio Bremen 0

Derny 1

1 4 Stam,Danny Schmidt+Koch
2 10 Mørkøv,Jesper Weser Kurier
3 2 Simes,Jack LOTTO
4 6 Lampater,Leif Sparkasse
5 12 Kankovsky,Alois Eisbären Bremerhaven
6 8 Huff,Brad radio bremen

Derny 2

1 9 Schep,Peter swb
2 1 Marvulli,Franco öVB
3 7 Grasmann,Christian becker+brügesch
4 11 Hester,Marc Big Cash / Moneymaker
5 3 Kadlec,Milan Germania
6 5 Edmüller,Benjamin Klaus Lorenz

Team Elimination

1 6 Lampater, Leif / Keisse, Iljo Savings bank
2 3 Kadlec, Milan / Barth, Marcel Germania
3 12 Kankovsky, Alois / Bengsch, Robert Bremerhaven Polar Bears
4 9 Schep, Peter / Bartko, Robert swb 0 8
5 4 Stam, Danny / Mohs, Eric Schmidt + Koch
6 1 Marvulli, Franco / Kalz, Marcel öVB
7 5 Edmüller, Benjamin / Pieters, Roy Klaus Lorenz
8 8 Huff, Brad / Matzka, Ralf radio bremen
9 2 Simes, Jack / Reinhardt, Theo LOTTO
10 11 Hester, Marc / Müller, Andreas Big Cash / Money Maker
11 10 Mørkøv, Jesper / Thömel, Tino Weser Kurier
12 7 Grass man, Christian / Ratajczyk, Rafal Becker + brügesch

Sprint 1

1 1 Kalz, Marcel öVB
2 1 Marvulli, Franco öVB
3 4 Mohs, Eric Schmidt + Koch
4 11 Müller, Andreas Big Cash / Money Maker
5 11 Hester, Marc Big Cash / Money Maker
6 8 Huff, Brad radio bremen

Derny Final 1

1 9 Bartko, Robert swb
2 7 Ratajczyk, Rafal Becker + brügesch
3 4 Mohs, Eric Schmidt + Koch
4 1 Kalz, Marcel öVB
5 2 Reinhardt, Theo LOTTO
6 10 Thömel, Tino Weser Kurier

Derny Final 2

1 6 Keisse, Iljo Savings bank
2 12 Bengsch, Robert Bremerhaven Polar Bears
3 11 Müller, Andreas Big Cash / Money Maker
4 5 Pieters, Roy Klaus Lorenz
5 3 Barth, Marcel Germania
6 8 Matzka, Ralf radio bremen

Sprint 2

1 12 Kankovsky, Alois Bremerhaven Polar Bears
2 8 Matzka, Ralf radio bremen
3 9 Bartko, Robert swb
4 1 Kalz, Marcel öVB
5 3 Kadlec, Milan Germania
6 6 Lampater, Leif Savings bank

Bremen Six Day - Standings after Day One

1 Leif Lampater (Ger) / Iljo Keisse (Bel) Sparkasse Bremen 61
2 Franco Marvulli (Swi) / Marcel Kalz (Ger) öVB 52
3 Peter Schep (Ned) / Robert Bartko (Ger) SWB 43
4 Alois Kankovsky (Cze) / Robert Bengsch (Ger) Eisbären Bremerhaven 43
@ 1 Lap
5 Milan Kadlec (Cze) / Marcel Barth (Ger) Germania 31
6 Danny Stam (Ned) / Erik Mohs (Ger) Schmidt + Koch / Skoda 23
7 Marc Hester (Den) / Andreas Müller (Aut) Big Cash-Moneymaker 12
8 Jesper Mørkøv (Den) / Tino Thömel (Ger) Weser Kurier 4
@ 2 Laps
9 Christian Grasmann (Ger) / Rafal Ratajczyk (Pol) Becker + Brügesch 7
@ 3 Laps
10 Jack Simes (USA) / Theo Reinhardt (Ger) Lotto Bremen 10
@ 4 Laps
11 Benjamin Edmüller (Ger) / Roy Pieters (Ned) Klaus Lorenz 2
@ 5 Laps
12 Brad Huff (USA) / Ralf Matzka (Ger) Radio Bremen 12


Bremen Six Day
Joerg has seen it all before.
Ed Hood
Ed's been involved in cycling for over 45 years. In that time he's been a successful time triallist, team manager, and sponsor of several teams and clubs. He's also a respected and successful coach, and during the winter months can often be found working in the cabins at the Six Days. Ed remains a massive fan of the sport and couples his extensive contacts with an inexhaustable enthusiasm for the minutiae and the history of our sport.

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