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A Preview of the 101st Berlin Six Day 2012


The Berlin Six Day reached a golden milestone last January with its 100th edition, and the annual festivities will return to the German Capital for the 101st Berlin Six Day 2012 on Thursday.

Unfortunately Six Day racing continues to be in decline and it’s not something that can solely be laid at the door of the global economy rather just a sad fact of life that times change.

Events have in recent years left established Six Day cities such as Dortmund, Munich and Stuttgart, lack of sponsors and public interest being the main factors.

So in 2012 it is left to Bremen and Berlin to fly the flag for Germany.

Berlin Six Day 2012
A retired and relaxed looking Bruno Risi popped by. We miss him.

As well as events, riders come and go and many who created the spectacle and excitement over the last 10-15 years; Bruno Risi, Kurt Betschart, Silvio Martinello, Marco Villa, Matt Gilmore, Scott McGrory, Jimmi Madsen and Robert Slippens — have all retired.

Others like Michael Mørkøv and Alex Rasmussen seem to have left track racing behind to the draw of the road and commitment to trade team contracts.

One of the best riders left in the Six Day bunch is Robert Bartko and he won’t be on the start line following a dispute with the Berlin organisation over the terms (a major reduction) of his contract. That, and the fairly thin field, is testament to the fact that even this great event is under pressure.