Monday, May 23, 2022
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Berlin Six Day 2012 – Day One


I’m standing on the chair so as I can see over the cabin, Leif Lampater and Roger Kluge are the only pair left to ride in the 1,000 metres time trial here at the Berlin Six Day.

Roger is smooth, fast, the sling to Leif isn’t perfect but it’s not too bad.

Leif drives but he’s not at his best – it seems like no one is on this first night in Berlin – the digits whirl on the lap board, he sprints up the home straight, 58 seconds.

“Fastest time to Bradley Huff and Jackie Simes !” says the speaker – our boys’ 57 seconds wins and there are flowers for the cabin.

Well, there would be, if I hadn’t given then to the cute woman doctor, but we don’t need to go into that.

Not a bad first night in Berlin, I’ve had my shower, there’s a plastic cup of beer to my left and basic though it is, that ‘army’ bed looks good.

But let’s go back to Wednesday…

* * *