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Berlin Six Day 2012 – Day Three


‘Just Another Tequila Sunrise,’ it’s ironic that the covers band who kick off as soon as the racing finishes here at the Berlin Six Day at gone 01:00am aren’t half bad – but it’s time for me to disappear down the tunnel to hang up the washing etc. etc.

The track centre party goes on ’til 02:30 am but I hope to be in a coma by then.

Didi Thurau, was on the front page of the Berlin papers on what was a cold Saturday morning.

Berlin Six Day
Thurau in the papers today.

Few men have looked better astride a bicycle than the ‘Golden Angel’ as the German Media had it at the time.

Tall, blonde, slim, handsome, fast it seemed there was nothing he couldn’t do.

A World Amateur Team Pursuit Champion whilst still in his teens, Peter Post snapped him up for his Raleigh ‘super team.’

He was winning high level races like the GP Fourmies as a first year pro.

By his second year he was already a top man in the Six Days (ultimately winning 29) and able to take four stages in the Vuelta.

But in ’77 he truly arrived, winning every stage bar one of the Ruota Del Sol, the GP E3 and the prologue of le Tour then wearing the yellow jersey for 15 days.

Bernard Thevenet says that it was Post’s insistence on defending his protege’s maillot that won him the Frenchman the race.

Post burned up the team in defence of the jersey, leaving their real GC man, Hennie Kuiper exposed and unable to handle Thevenet and his well drilled Peugeot squad when the real show down in the mountains came.

But Thurau was pure class, I remember seeing him in a Tour time trial in the 80’s, his Hitachi skinsuit was sleeveless, his blonde curls spilled out from below his aero crash hat as he flowed by, back flat, smooth as silk.

And now?

His dad is a paraplegic and needs specialist care in a home; the insurance company has been paying for the care home for the last year.

But the rub is that the home hasn’t seen any money and is going to evict Thurau senior.

The cash?

It went into Didi’s pocket; this is a man who used to drive to the Sixes in his Ferrari – all very sad.

He lives in Switzerland now, near Zürich and to them he’s a ‘Schlitzohr,’ roughly translated; ‘a bit of a monkey.

As Franco says; ‘the colour has faded from his golden jersey!

Berlin Six Day
The unique Berlin “everyone” photo.

There were the usual presentations; the number of champions they have on the track is a big deal for the promoters – World and European that is, National champions are common or garden.

The rolling presentation lets those who haven’t bothered to train that day (no names!) the chance to loosen stiff legs.

A lady with blue hair treated us to not a bad little rock set and then it was time for the rubber to meet the piste.

But not before Big Bob Bartko came-a-calling – just to pee off the organisers, no doubt.

Berlin Six Day
That big devil, and Bob.

He doesn’t look so imposing with his civilian clothes on – but I guess that’s the thing with Terminators, they’re built to look human.

The first chase came and went, that’s potato with a capital ‘P’ – but that said there were riders hurting up on those boards.

Berlin Six Day
Iljo checks to see where the chase is at.

Martyn Frank, Sky soigneur and part of ‘Team Kris’ for Copenhagen came to call with four of his buddies, the rallying call appeared to be; ‘who cares what it is – just drink it!

Berlin Six Day
Martyn’s squad.

Leigh Howard came by to pinch our wine gums, I never fail to be amazed by how wee and skinny he and Cam Meyer are – but yet they’re so strong.

Berlin Six Day
Leigh Howard steals Ed’s wine gums. You heard it here first.

The sprinters are big men, big legs, big egos, but the crowd adore them and the cheers during the flying laps are louder than for the chases.

Berlin Six Day
Forstemann’s thigh.

Franco and Roger Kluge mingle as the sprinters do their thing and the show ‘gets down on it.’

The ‘big’ chase, Martyn and his buddies reappear and I talk the security guy into letting them in.

Berlin Six Day
Martyn would like in the enclosure, please.

Erik Zabel is here too but I don’t take pictures, I’m too busy keeping an eye on Martyn’s team who are all ‘merry’ and perhaps prone to forget that the string is topping 50 kph most of the time.

The chase?

Joerg the mechanic summed it up; ‘F**king nothing, man!’

And it was poor, the crowd sat quietly as the field formed an orderly line astern – attacks were few and the finale was flat.

Berlin Six Day
Dillier leads Kalz in the chase.

But like I said the other day, I think the field should be bigger – at least 20 teams, 16 are lost on the pine prairie of Berlin.

Next up are the stayers, more noise, difficult to keep track of it all, but the crowd love it.

I watched the finishing sprint – crazy, revving out on 66 chain rings.

Berlin Six Day
stayer bike and huge chainring.

The sprint series came and went, and so did Silvan and Franco – their programme ‘kaput’ for the night because the 1,000 metre time trial was binned in the interest of getting the evening back in line with the time table.

But Brad and Jackie had the last Derny, well after 01:00 am – damn!

Berlin Six Day
Cameron Mayer at full speed behind the wee derny bike.

When I was a Six Day fan, rather than a pee-pail-emptier, I used to like the Dernys, but now they don’t even register.

And don’t believe the interviews about harmony between Derny driver and rider – most of them seem to have the objective of making the ride as tough as possible for the man in their slipstream.

Berlin Six Day
Danny is a bit sad, with good reason.

Just Another Tequila Sunrise‘ – early finish tomorrow but the guys have to be on the track at 11:55 am – ouch!

Berlin Six Day
Kalz and another, smaller, bear.

Berlin Six Day - Results from Day Three

30 min. Madison

1. Nr. 9 BENGSCH / KALZ 3 Pkt. 20
@ 1 Laps
2. Nr. 4 KEISSE / DE KETELE 7 Pkt. 12
3. Nr. 3 MARVULLI / DILLIER 6 Pkt. 10
4. Nr. 1 HOWARD / MEYER 3 Pkt. 8
5. Nr. 2 LAMPATER / KLUGE 3 Pkt. 6
6. Nr. 8 BARTH / MOHS 4
@ 2 Laps
7. Nr. 5 BOMMEL / MERTENS 2 Rd.
7. Nr. 14 MATZKA / REINHARDT 2 Rd.
7. Nr. 13 HUFF / SIMES 2 Rd.
7. Nr. 12 MASOTTI / CICCONE 2 Rd.
7. Nr. 10 GRAF / MüLLER 2 Rd.
7. Nr. 7 STAM / BLAHA 2 Rd.
7. Nr. 6 SCHRöDER / THöMEL 2 Rd.
@ 3 Laps
15. Nr. 16 KAIKOW / KRASNOW 3 Rd.

Wertungssprints 1

1. Nr. 4 KEISSE / DE KETELE 11 Pkt.
2. Nr. 3 MARVULLI / DILLIER 8 Pkt.
2. Nr. 9 BENGSCH / KALZ 8 Pkt.
4. Nr. 2 LAMPATER / KLUGE 6 Pkt.
6. Nr. 12 MASOTTI / CICCONE 4 Pkt.
7. Nr. 14 MATZKA / REINHARDT 3 Pkt.
8. Nr. 1 HOWARD / MEYER 2 Pkt.
8. Nr. 5 BOMMEL / MERTENS 2 Pkt.
8. Nr. 10 GRAF / MüLLER 2 Pkt.
8. Nr. 16 KAIKOW / KRASNOW 2 Pkt.
12. Nr. 7 STAM / BLAHA 1 Pkt.
13. Nr. 6 SCHRöDER / THöMEL
13. Nr. 8 BARTH / MOHS
13. Nr. 13 HUFF / SIMES

Wertungspsints 2

1. Nr. 4 KEISSE / DE KETELE 12 Pkt.
2. Nr. 3 MARVULLI / DILLIER 11 Pkt.
3. Nr. 9 BENGSCH / KALZ 9 Pkt.
4. Nr. 1 HOWARD / MEYER 7 Pkt.
5. Nr. 5 BOMMEL / MERTENS 5 Pkt.
6. Nr. 2 LAMPATER / KLUGE 3 Pkt.
6. Nr. 6 SCHRöDER / THöMEL 3 Pkt.
6. Nr. 13 HUFF / SIMES 3 Pkt.
9. Nr. 7 STAM / BLAHA 1 Pkt.
11. Nr. 8 BARTH / MOHS
11. Nr. 10 GRAF / MüLLER


1. Nr. 14 MATZKA / REINHARDT 20 Pkt.
2. Nr. 5 BOMMEL / MERTENS 12 Pkt.
3. Nr. 2 LAMPATER / KLUGE 10 Pkt.
4. Nr. 13 HUFF / SIMES 8 Pkt.
6. Nr. 16 KAIKOW / KRASNOW 4 Pkt.
7. Nr. 6 SCHRöDER / THöMEL
10. Nr. 7 STAM / BLAHA
11. Nr. 8 BARTH / MOHS
12. Nr. 10 GRAF / MüLLER
13. Nr. 9 BENGSCH / KALZ
14. Nr. 1 HOWARD / MEYER

Derny 1

1. Nr. 2 LAMPATER / KLUGE 10 Pkt.
2. Nr. 4 KEISSE / DE KETELE 8 Pkt.
3. Nr. 1 HOWARD / MEYER 6 Pkt.
4. Nr. 3 MARVULLI / DILLIER 4 Pkt.
5. Nr. 9 BENGSCH / KALZ 2 Pkt.
6. Nr. 8 BARTH / MOHS
7. Nr. 10 GRAF / MüLLER

Derny 2

1. Nr. 14 MATZKA / REINHARDT 10 Pkt.
2. Nr. 7 STAM / BLAHA 8 Pkt.
3. Nr. 12 MASOTTI / CICCONE 6 Pkt.
4. Nr. 6 SCHRöDER / THöMEL 4 Pkt.
6. Nr. 13 HUFF / SIMES

Berlin Six Day - Standings after Day Three

1. Nr. 2 LAMPATER / KLUGE 55 Pkt.
2. Nr. 9 BENGSCH / KALZ 45 Pkt.
@ 1 Lap
3. Nr. 4 KEISSE / DE KETELE 51 Pkt.
4. Nr. 3 MARVULLI / DILLIER 45 Pkt.
5. Nr. 1 HOWARD / MEYER 33 Pkt.
@ 3 Laps
6. Nr. 7 STAM / BLAHA 11 Pkt.
@ 4 Laps
7. Nr. 5 BOMMEL / MERTENS 19 Pkt.
8. Nr. 8 BARTH / MOHS 8 Pkt.
9. Nr. 10 GRAF / MüLLER 2 Pkt.
@ 5 Laps
10. Nr. 14 MATZKA / REINHARDT 33 Pkt.
11. Nr. 15 RATAJCZYK / AESCHBACH 15 Pkt.
12. Nr. 13 HUFF / SIMES 11 Pkt.
13. Nr. 12 MASOTTI / CICCONE 10 Pkt.
14. Nr. 6 SCHRöDER / THöMEL 7 Pkt.
@ 7 Laps
15. Nr. 16 KAIKOW / KRASNOW 6 Pkt.

Berlin Six Day
See you tomorrow…
Ed Hood
Ed's been involved in cycling for over 45 years. In that time he's been a successful time triallist, team manager, and sponsor of several teams and clubs. He's also a respected and successful coach, and during the winter months can often be found working in the cabins at the Six Days. Ed remains a massive fan of the sport and couples his extensive contacts with an inexhaustable enthusiasm for the minutiae and the history of our sport.

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