Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tour de San Luis – Update


A quick update from Argentina, and it’s a tale of bad luck and hard-going.

Stage 2

At last, we got the warm weather we were promised and despite being bruised and battered from the previous day I felt much better.

My job was to expend the least possible, this is harder than it looks.

There is a constant fight for position in the peloton and the bigger teams don’t like mingling with the minnows. So it’s a constant fight.

Added to this, the amateurs on the national teams are constantly sticking their bars where they aren’t wanted.

I’ve got my eye in though and feel much more constant.

Today passing the same motorway as we past yesterday it became evident why there were so many crashes -it was in a bad state of repair; not so noticeable in a car, but lethal on our 23mm of rubber!

I can even say I enjoyed it when the race hit the hills and bends.