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Charline Joiner – Pushing Past the Pain Barrier


VeloVeritas spoke recently to Commonwealth Games Team Sprint Silver Medallist Charline Joiner after her ride at the Rotterdam Six Day.

You were 10th last year in the Rotterdam Six, how did you do this year?

“I finished 11th overall in this year’s Rotterdam.

“Not what I would have liked but the programme was a lot different this year to last year.

“A 50 lap point race was added to the schedule every day; last year the longest race was 35 laps, three of which I did not finish.

“There were also two flying laps in the schedule last year which bumped my placing up – I finished 3rd and 4th in those events having just switched from sprinting to: endurance.

“This year there was only a three lap pursuit on the last day.

“I found that I was under-geared the first four days, unable to attack and finishing the races less tired than the other girls, my legs felt fine after four days of racing which was odd.

“I moved up my gear on the last two days and managed to attack and win some points in the 50 lap points gett