Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Season Opening; Trofeu Cidade de Luís and Volta ao Algarve


Although my season started over a month ago in Argentina, the Portuguese season opened on Sunday the 12th February with the “2nd Trofeu Cidade de Luís“, followed by the Volta ao Algarve.

* * *

2nd Trofeu Cidade de Luís

There were a few things that really limited me during this first race.

One was my new bike – an excellent bike – but it was handed to me on the morning of the race and it’s very different to my old bike.

My handlebars are 0.5 cm closer and 1.5 cm higher than the old bike, despite using a negative rise stem. It would usually take me about a month to get used to it.

Another problem were my shoes – these only had three days use and are far too comfortable, I got used to a very hard pair of shoes last year and normal shoes feel like slippers, with very little support.

Then there were the tactics; at the time I didn’t agree with the ideas, but I stand fully corrected!