Monday, June 27, 2022
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Belgian Opening Weekend Ramblings


It’s the ‘Belgian Opening Weekend’; Het Volk used to be a cult race, the teams would line up in the street just up from the Kuipke velodrome.

The first team to set up would be the late Frans Assez’s Flanders squad — no flash bus or trucks, just a ‘Luton’ style van.

But his red Flanders bikes always looked the part, neatly arranged on their stands — and as first team there they caught a lot of public attention.

Belgian Opening Weekend
The usual scrum around Tom’s team bus.

As carbon came in his frames had the ‘lumps and bumps’ in the right places — just like the Treks, but which cost so much more money.

It was all a bit chaotic but I loved it — if you were patient you’d get your bike pics and ‘sound bites.’