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Omnisport International meets Amanda Spratt


When Belgium’s biggest fan of Aussie bike racing, Mr. Dirk Van Hove asked us to publish his interview with Australian ladies’ champion Amanda Spratt there was no way we could refuse.

He’s chaperoned us around Het Nieuwsblad given us some of our best Aussie contacts and most importantly, introduced us to ‘Orvelo’ beer – and a fine brew it is.

Here – with just a little editing from Ed Hood – is Dirk’s interview with Amanda.

* * *

Amanda is 25, a member of the Penrith Cycling Club (NSW) and current Australian Road Champion.

This is not her first Aussie title though, ‘Spratty,’ as her friends call her, won the National individual time trial title in 2008 and a National title team pursuit in 2007.

And not to forget the ‘O Cenu Ceskeho Svycarska‘, a five day Czech Tour in 2011.

It’s safe to think she’ll add more wins to this list before the end of this season.

I had an appointment with Amanda at the Holiday Inn Express in Ghent the evening before the ‘Le Samyn’, a 1.2 UCI ranked race.

I was a bit early and as I sat down, Wayne Nichols (GreenEdge mechanic and former pro in Belgium) came in.

We brought back some memories with a coffee.

A few minutes later Amanda joined us at the table and Wayne left us to go back to work on the bikes.

It was time to fire questions.