Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Dan Patten Blog; Up and Running


So it’s been a fairly quiet start of the season for me, but I can say now on the Dan Patten Blog that things are underway. A blood test here in Belgium revealed lower iron levels, which most likely explains my lethargic start to the new year. Since then things have been progressing nicely for me and the body is finally getting back to some sense of normality.

Training has been consistently better and I have begun racing and quickly finding my feet again.

Dan Patten Blog
Snapped when out training.

Of course what has helped has been the great weather conditions that we are experiencing this month in Belgium. 20 degrees +, sunshine and bright blue skies certainly helps morale.

And with such nice weather, what better than training on the famous Flanders bergs or to spin out on the Schelde peloton to help find the legs again.

Early season racing in Belgium is known for being a little on the crazy side and this year is certainly no exception.

Big pelotons (in the line), fast racing and a lot of eager riders certainly keeps things interesting. For m