Sunday, June 26, 2022

Vanilla Bikes


You’ll have seen the adverts on various websites for Vanilla Bikes, inviting you to have a look at their on-line shop and their top quality – if a little unusual – product lines, and when we spotted that the shop team was beefing up it’s roster for the coming season, we thought we better find out a little more about this young company.

Vanilla Bikes is owned by Kevin Hodgson and his partner Tracy, they set the company up in early 2010 with a very soft launch and just a handful of products and didn’t really begin to market the business until last year.

We did wonder whether they were related to the fabled Vanilla Workshops in Portland Oregon, the American company which specialises in handmade steel frames (for which the waiting list is currently over five years!) but Kevin reassured us that they were indeed separate enterprises.

Vanilla Bikes restricted themselves to only selling acces