Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Volta ao Alentejo


Volta ao Alentejo

At the Volta ao Alentejo I spent the majority of every single stage on the front of the bunch controlling the race. All four days.

Our sprinter was quite well placed to win the race, so I was quite happy to do this.

Stage One

On stage one we controlled the race at high speed along with Efapel, our rivals, with whom we called a rare truce and pulled together to control the race.

I actually really enjoyed this stage, as David Blanco was the “rival” it was really nice to catch up with David and I enjoyed working with him.

I wasn’t capable of passing the last mountain in the front, since I got caught up behind a massive crash, nor did I feel obliged to since I had already done so much to shape the race.

I came home in the grupetto which is always fun. Caldeira, the sprinter came second in this stage, which was a great start to the race!