We’re in Seravezza. ‘Sad news, Donna Summer has passed away’ said the text from Martyn Frank. That news cast a shadow over a day of bright sunshine and hills. The start was down on the coast – it’s not quite beach season, so it’s not heaving yet.

In a month’s time you won’t be able to move on those beaches.

We had a chat with Jack Bauer before the stage – he looks in great condition.

Jack is looking in superb condition.

He’s lost weight since his days in Flanders, but he’s still the same no nonsense, nice lad.

We been following Jack’s progress for a few years, and he’s not changed a bit.

The percorso was tough, but the ‘bigs’ didn’t go crazy, letting a break go, from which Lars Bak jumped his companions to take victory.

Once again we couldn’t figure out the way they categorise the climbs – with the fourth cat seeming tougher to us than the second cat.

The crowds at the roadside have become bigger, the further north we’ve come.

Sandy Casar.

But on the subject of crowds, the control in the hills once the main bunch passes is terrible.

Everyone hops the barriers and starts to walk and pedal off the mountain.

We think it shows gross disrespect for the riders further down the classement – and it’s only a matter of time before there’s a bad accident.

Cav knows how to ride in the autobus to get the stage done with energy to spare.

Marczynski was last man on the road and the crowd had all but gone when he arrived yesterday, maybe 30/40 minutes down on the leaders.

He was eliminated but went out fighting – respect!

Marczynski well down, and nearly out. But still fighting.

I’m writing this on the sea front at Savona, in the sunshine – word is that it’s still raining in Fife.

Sorry to hear that, guys!

Savona sea front, Giuseppe Garibaldi surveys the scene from his horse – he’s not sure about all this pink and noise.

We were here early, today – we spent the night in Genoa and in common with most Italian cities, the parking is a nightmare.

Savona sea front.

We had to have the car away before 07:30, latest.

The alarm blasted at 06:30, a quick shower, coffee and on the road for 07:15.

Happy Giro!

One of the good things about staying in the big city is that you get Gazzetta without drama – news kiosks abound.

Ed loves his daily Gazzetta buzz.

Basso is on 9/10 for taking charge of the race, yesterday – Liquigas imperious at the head of affairs.

Rodriguez gets 5 for not taking responsibility with his team as pink jersey.

Cunego fairs even worse – 4.5, the Gazzetta reckons it was his kind of stage yet he was anonymous.

Our pal Vik could write for the Gazzetta, his brutal frankness is in line with their editorial policy.

Ferrari is one tough cookie.

And the race organisation went up several notches in my estimation when I received this email:

“The Giro d’Italia will remember singer Donna Summer who passed away today by remembering her life and playing her music at the start and finish of stage 13 from Savona to Cervere on Friday.”

And as I write this, ‘Hot Stuff’ blasts.

Ciao, Bella.

And we’re proud to be here!