Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Phil Hindes, the UCI and the Rules


Phil Hindes

You all know the story by now, Phil Hindes didn’t like his start in the team sprint so he deliberately fell off to get a restart. The rule exists so that if you fall off or pull your foot out you get a second shot, it’s like the second serve in tennis.

The trouble is there is another rule that effectively says you are not to abuse this privilege, on pain of disqualification, from the round or the entire competition depending on severity. Since it’s usually impossible for the commissaire to judge with 100% certainty if it was an accident or not (however obvious it is) the rule has (to my knowledge) never been enforced.

The trouble was that Hindes admitted to faking his fall to the BBC’s Jill Douglas (and the world) afterwards. For the first time (possibly ever) the rule could be applied. Fortunately the good and fair British patriots breathed a sigh of relief as Hindes got let off the hook.

Never had so many sighs been breathed on so many sofas over such a small rule infringement.