Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Tony Gibb – From the Commentator’s Box; London O;ympics Day Four


London O;ympics Day Four

The London Olympics Day Four was always going to be a quiet day, I was so hoping – given my luck so far this week thanks to Mr Wiggins and various stars of yesteryear rocking up.  I thought thank Elvis, Micheal Jackson and Shergar were going to put in a shift, but no joy however!

So on the bike riding front, Jason Kenny qualified fastest in the sprint with Greg Bauge second, a fairly distant second at 2/10ths off.

To be totally fair however, it’s not until tomorrow that we will really seen these guys’ teeth, both Bauge and Kenny have progressed without raising a sweat, both getting a free ride in the 1st round and then defeating their opponents in the 2nd round with looks that questioned the inconvenience of having to get off the rollers at all!