Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Volta a Portugal 2012 – Stage Nine: Praia de Pedrogão – Leiria iTT


Praia de Pedrogão

32.4 km, 212m ascent today, in the stage to Praia de Pedrogão. What a FARCE. My TT bike was exactly at the right length when I came to this race, yet at the prologue they told me it was 1cm past the limit… It was duly cut and shortened.

Today, remarkably it was 2cm passed the limit! Did the bike grow? No, it was bloody measured with some contraption a 10 year old might have bashed together. It’s a disgrace.

This is supposedly ‘elite’ sport, yet the principles of metrology seem completely lost on the people who make the rules: The ground was uneven, the machine was in no way calibrated, the angle of the verticals from wh