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Paul Kimmage, Part 2: “It wouldn’t take much – just a bit of honesty”


Yesterday we revisited our Paul Kimmage interview from August 2006 and promised a reprise of another chat that Ed had with Paul, this time when they were both working at last year’s Tour de France.

In this interview Kimmage talks about Contador, Voekler, and Landis, and reaffirms his belief that the sport needs a “branch and root” clearout – a view shared by more and more people who are demonstrating their support by donating to the fund setup to support Kimmage in defending himself against the UCI, Pat McQuaid and Hein Verbruggen, who are suing Kimmage for defamation in the Swiss courts in December.

Contribute at Chipin (uses PayPal) to the Paul Kimmage Fund

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First published August 2011

If you’re a rider, you’ve have had issues with ‘les vitamines’ and Paul Kimmage turns up at your press conference, best ask for a brandy to sip, forget that Vittel.

Kimmage is the man who wrote ‘The Rough Ride’, an exposé of his experiences as a young ‘green as grass’ young pro and his flirtations with ‘the needle.’

In light of the Festina, Telekom, Landis and Hamilton scandals it’s a little tame – but when it was publi