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Grenoble Four Day 2012, Day Two: Folies and Crashes Galore


The trouble here at the Grenoble Four Day 2012 is that when folks see you with a camera and hear you write for a website, you’ve had it. I spent a chunk of the afternoon taking pictures of Gunther, one of Iljo Keisse’s soigneurs. He’s back on the bike as a ‘master’ and has the track bike down here with him, he trains on the boards in the afternoon and actually looks good on the bike.

And five minutes ago I was collared by Laurent Biondi to take pictures of his laddie who’s in the ‘Cadets’ race.

Monsieur Biondi is a sound guy, a DS with AG2R La Mondiale, a former winner here in Grenoble in 1990 with Laurent Fignon and was World Pro Points Race Champion, ‘back in the day.’

I was in a deep sleep when the soothing sound of chainsaws jarred me out of my dreams.

The Ville de Grenoble knows how to time things when it comes to tree trimming.

Grenoble Four Day 2012
Guy East hurts.

Franco is still in hospital, but Austin and Guy have perked up and rode a good opening Points Race.

The first chase, over 35 minutes was a good race to watch, with Team 9, Brisse and Boudat getting stuck in.

Grenoble Four Day 2012
Iljo and Kenny change.

But Iljo/Kenny are looking good.

Although the French team of Kneisky/Coquard emerged as overall leaders.

Grenoble Four Day 2012
Morgan Kneisky.
Grenoble Four Day 2012
Seb Ivars.

Whilst the top French guys are rapid, those further down the rankings, like Sébastian Ivars are nice guys, always with a smile and happy to chat.

Grenoble Four Day 2012
The sprinters chill between events.

The sprinters have plenty of time on the boards here – but loll around on deck chairs between the heats.

The sprinting is low key – no-one wants a crash. Baugé is looking as cool as usual, Jason Kenny just sits quietly and takes it all in.

The 15 lap Scratch Race comes and goes without drama.

Grenoble Four Day 2012
Today’s bread order.
Grenoble Four Day 2012
Champagne for all, hurrah!

The catering is handled below the track in a big ‘bunker’ – the quantities involved are huge, baguettes by the hundred.

And on the catering front, the champers zooms over the counters once the punters get warmed up on the ‘house red.’

How much did we spend last night?” will be the question on the lips of many a citizen o